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Q:  How much land does it take for the world’s population to live sustainably for one year? 
A:  1.2 Earths

I’ve been reading Sustaining Life, the seminal work edited by Harvard physicians Eric Chivian and Aaron Bernstein, and endorsed by United Nations’ Kofi Annan.   It underscores the importance of biodiversity and elucidates the human havok, especially the disasterous potential of argibusiness, currently underway in all corners of the world. 

To produce all the necessary resources and to absorb all waste per person/per year: 
N. America                       + 22.0  acres per person
W. Europe                           12.4            ”
Asia Pacific and Africa           2.5            “

In other words, the average American uses and wastes 4.5 times more than the acceptable limits to maintain the Earth’s sustainability.

It’s embarassing, isn’t it?

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