Easter Eggs

My friend Becky raises chickens and literally swells with pride when she shares her eggs with me.  And for heaven’s sakes, why not? They are gorgeous. Their thick shells vary in shades from pale tan to brown, some are speckled – each is unique and unlike the next. They are nature’s original edible art.

Becky’s organic eggs are a reminder of what  real eggs should taste like – and are so delicious that these days I am savoring them in their simplest forms.
For example, I’m back to poached eggs again. I love to break them into a small dish and gently slip them into simmering water, then wait and watch as their brilliant orange yolks are miraculously transformed into delicate pink orbs and their whites gather about them in firm opaque ovals. Utterly amazing.
These beauties require no special fussing, only a quick removal with my favorite slotted spoon and onto waiting toast. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Thanks Becky!

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