Excerpts From the Gardener’s Notebook

“It appears we have turned the corner on a very long winter and finally, spring is more evident with each warming day…”

The shade loving Foamflower has rallied from a long winter retreat; it has spread out and is filling an essential corner quite nicely this year! 

First volunteers: Vibrant Columbine has popped up literally overnight and is a massive purple haze! 
Rhodondenrons are preparing for a vast showing very shortly…  

Early Edibles

First-of- the-season tomato plant is in the ground: Stupice, another unique find from the Springfield Farmers’ Market. Due date: 52 days and counting. Be still, my heart! Can this be true?
“Extremely early potato-leaf Czech heirloom that bears abundant very sweet, flavorful 2 to 3” deep red fruit. A 1988 comparative tasting in the San Francisco Bay area gave it first place for its wonderful sweet/acid, tomatoey flavor and production.”

Herbs and Such

Outcropping of nearly invasive Greek Oregano and a tiny spring Strawberry is in bloom!

Weekly Forecast
“Cooling temperatures with intermittent rain. Sigh. What happened to’April showers bring May flowers’?”

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