A Facelift!

Hello, again. I’ve been gone too long from this space, and much like a separation between old friends, something valuable was missing in my life. 
For the past several months my energies and focus have been dedicated to ongoing studies at the University of Oregon. It is a very exciting time at UO because we are in the early stages of formulating a food program which will be uniquely Oregon in scope and will include a strong humanities component.  After long viewing food studies options in New York, California, the mid-west, and elsewhere, it’s still difficult to believe a high caliber resource may actually spring forth right here! 
It’s good to be back on these pages again.  There were been plenty of times when I  wanted to share thoughts and ideas rumbling in my mind, but deadlines and projects always loomed larger and took precedent.  One of my early tasks here is to clean up the ole blog space; it has been a while since my last revision.  In the spirit of a simpler format, as many of my fellow food bloggers are discovering, a much needed index is in the works to assist in locating buried recipes and resources. 
The composition of the blog is shifting, too.  Anyone who may have followed this space in the past knows that the focus was primarily recipe driven by my ‘fiestas and fiascoes from the food fringe’.  No doubt the fiestas and fiascoes will continue, since they are unavoidably too much a part of me to deny!
However, the new blog tag refers to a composium of food and culture. Right.  If the word is unfamiliar, it is because it is does not formally exist: it is not in the dictionary.  Thus, I am claiming composium to describe my blog as a collection of writings in various content, styles, and formats. 
That pretty much says it all. 

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