Viva la Fiesta!

In France life may be a cabaret, but  in Mexico life is one big fiesta.
Yes, in Mexico there is always something to celebrate.  Since I started attending language school in Queretaro I have learned that these crazy mexicanos have a few things to teach us gringos about enjoying life.   
While we are breaking our necks chasing after our next dollar, they are just as likely to take a couple of hours off in the afternoon for a quiet siesta.

Today is Día de la Madre, or Mother’s Day, and it is clearly not to be taken lightly.  Here in my Mexican home, music started blaring at 6:30AM this morning.  In the next bedroom over, the senora’s family-in-residence commenced wailing a wake-up serenade, while a traditional feliz-día-del-la-madre version crooned on in the background, replete with full orchestra con horn section.  Joyful voices escalated amidst considerable kissing, hugging, and shouting, all in concert with the looped version. 

At a recent Cupleaños(birthday) celebration I became the brunt of good-natured jesting as I blindly whirled while waving a flimsy stick in search of a candy-packed taco piñata.

Earlier that day, my morning desayuno started out with a traditional plate of fresh fruit ― firmly anchored by a slice of ribbon-festooned cake.  

Later, at pre-piñata festivities, adorable individual gelatin forms were set out in lieu of our traditional frosting-inflicted birthday cake.  

Back at the hacienda much later, there was of course ―more cake. 

I am certain that right now all over Mexico, mamas are surrounded by throngs of their loved ones.  Plenty of good food is spread out and music is playing.   Without a doubt, there will be much singing and dancing before the night is over.  

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