Crespelle Redux

More on my previous manicotti post with crespelle, those endearing Italian crepes.

Last night about 7PM I started thinking about dinner possibilities.  I had previously pulled a small stack of crespelle  out of the freezer from my crepe making binge, and left them to defrost on the counter.  I was impressed, even stacked together they separated and were in perfect condition to go another round.

Peeking around the fridge, I spotted a cup or more of the delicious ricotta-Hatch pepper manicotti filling  plus just enough Bolognaise Sauce for a few more manicotti.  I quickly filled and rolled the pasta-like sheets, covered them with sauce, and sprinkled a bit of grated Parmesan on the top.  In no time, dinner was ready to be heated up.  But I was hungry, and the idea of waiting for this to bake another 20-30 minutes in the oven, was a non-starter.

manicotti reduxInstead, I covered the platter loosely, placed it in the microwave on reduced power (6), and gave it a couple of spins at 3 minutes each.  While that happened I tossed together a quick salad and had “fresh” manicotti on the table within minutes.

Yes, I was certainly hungry, but everything tasted better than the last time!  These simple crepes are brilliant:  they require no pasta machine,  no messy rolling of dough—or boiling water to finish them.  They are extremely forgiving, have a mild flavor of their own, and share the distinct tender/chewiness of pasta.

Hands down:  crespelle beat all pasta sheets and cylinders by a long shot.

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