About the Book

Counter Cuisine
the way to cook great food

With over 150 unique recipes, Counter Cuisine is an innovative resource for the minimalist cook. Whether cooking with or without a kitchen, simplified solutions are provided for every need—from practical no-cook and one-pot meals to appealing comfort foods, baked goods, unique desserts, pantry items, and impressive dishes for entertaining. The cookbook offers alternative cooking methods that work in tandem with the new generation of compact appliances.


“I affectionately refer to Counter Cuisine as an ‘alternative lifestyle’ cookbook because it is an integrated collection of master recipes that support a less complicated way of living. Nothing is sacrificed, it is simplified. It honors the environment, reduces energy—and still, is richly abundant.”

Carole Borah is known as a bi-coastal caterer and multi-award winning chef who has traveled globally as a highly requested chef cooking aboard mega yachts, on remote islands and private estates.  She is a recipe developer and food writer; for over 12 years she has been the voice of Culinary Distractions.  Carole’s cooking style is both eclectic and grounded in healthful farm to table fundamentals.  She is a food educator, teaching in higher education and at regional cooking schools.  She lives in a tiny home in Oregon, where she is a sustainability advocate and avid container gardener.

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