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Welcome to Culinary Distractions.  I’m Carole, and this is where I celebrate and explore the journey of food from the land to the table.  Yes, I am fascinated by food on every level—from its cultivation, marketing and preparation, to the endless ways that it is shared and consumed.

There is a little bit of everything here, but the focus swings to wholesome, economical recipes and meals that nourish and entertain.  I am equally charmed and challenged by small space living and embrace it as a lifestyle!  Naturally, I write about my inevitable food tangents and all the other culinary distractions savored along the way.  Thanks for visiting!




7 thoughts on “About

  1. “My favorite time of the day is early morning when the world is fresh, and new promise hangs in the air ripe for the plucking. It’s an opportunity to pause and reflect, perhaps to read a bit, to begin with the best intentions—and nothing kick starts my day better than a smoldering hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. Like a morning glory flower slowly opening, the aroma of coffee sharpens my focus, its rich flavor awakens my taste buds, and the liquid caffeine pulses through me—all contributing to a luxurious wake up wave.”

    Sound familiar? It’s a voice from the past (your own!) echoing back at you, and making me want to go brew up some smouldering coffee; sadly, though, my culinary expertise is more in the realm of finding Pizza Hut on my speed dial.

    I arrived here, at your yummy blog, because I was nosing around the web to get reacquainted with local writing groups since I’m probably going to be teaching a lot less starting in January (Yes–it’s Barbara! That’s how I felt when I saw your name connected with the Writer’s Coffee group: OMG, it’s CAROLE!!) And of course you would be in a writer’s group that has the word “coffee” right in the title–so I had to go back and look up that piece I remembered from Wings.

    Then I got lost in all of these incredible recipes, and now I’m inspired to venture into the kitchen. It feels kind of like setting sail for Tortola. 🙂

    Wish me luck,

    P.S. It sounds like you are doing wonderfully well, which makes me very happy!

  2. Hi Carole,
    My brother, Forrest, shared your site with me. I am enjoying reading. Thanks for sharing your recipes and thoughts. May I share a link to a friend of mine that works at Magnolia in Waco, TX.?

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